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Over the weekend Mike and I went to New York City to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and my early 27th birthday. We had a wonderful time together, which was great because we hadn’t spent a weekend together in 3 weeks. It’s the downside to being married to a hard working railroad worker. I’ll be sharing more about about our weekend getaway in a later post!

We used our time together to explore, eat at wonderful restaurants, and do some 5th Ave. shopping. We were only there for 2 nights and I packed an outfit for every occasion in hopes of getting a bunch of shoots in, so even though it was relaxing there was a little business mixed in.

This outfit was my shopping look. I love a good shift dress, but once you own a few it can get boring. I always try to find interesting fabrics or details that can spice things up. This perferated suede dress is unique and wearable for all different occasions. Styling it with a blazer slide on sneakers make it business casual cool so perfect for a casual office, happy hour, and beyond. Suede is always pretty popular for fall, but this year I’ve been seeing it all over – skirts, jackets, etc. I think a suede dress is something different that most people won’t have on hand (but totally should!). Oh and the best part? It’s on sale right now for less than $30!!!

When you’re rocking the prefect suede dress you of course need the perfect bag. I’m so late to the Tory Burch Ella party because this style tote has been out for a while, but I received it as an early birthday gift and I haven’t put it down since. Perfection doesn’t begin to describe it. It pairs perfectly with my work wardrobe, yet the nylon is casual and durable enough for the weekend. Also, it’s huge! like really huge! I could fit a small family in there, which makes it the perfect go-to for Saturday morning blogging sessions at the nearby coffee shop. With room to spare, I can store my large planner, macbook, chargers, and of course makeup essentials when I go out.

I haven’t spoken candidly on here in what feels like a while, so I’m just going to have some girl talk for a hot minute. I’ve been shopping Target’s new line, A New Day, a lot lately. It is so good, if you haven’t checked it out yet you need to do so immediately. Tell your husband you’re running out for soap and vitamins and come home with a new wardrobe! You deserve it, you work hard. One of my favorite pieces from that line is my blazer. It’s comfy, has lined sleeves (necessary for the “cool” rolled up look), and the best part…real pockets! You have no idea how many blazers I’ve owned with agitating faux pockets…what is the point of a fake pocket! I’m getting mad just thinking about it lol.

So you’re homework after reading this is to buy this suede dress because I’m your friend and I’m telling you that you need it and check out A New Day at Target.

See ya on #FriYAY


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