20 Fall Dates To Bring You Closer To Your Spouse

Fall is here (kinda…it was 90 degrees in Jersey yesterday)! And that means it is time to reignite that spark! Not that you shouldn’t always being working on keeping things fresh and fun but, the fall has always reminded me of falling in love. The crisp cool air is conducive to cuddling under cozy blankets and what is more romantic than late night talks by a bonfire?!

 I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how important it is to date your spouse. Dates are not just for married couples with children, they are essential for all couples to bring us back to what really matters and reconnect without life’s little distractions. Fall dates are awesome because spending time outside is so much more bearable when it’s not 100 degrees! And also on rainy fall days staying on the couch for binge watching shows together seems 100% appropriate and guilt free. Once again, I’m a list maker by nature, so I’m writing down all the fall dates I want to go on with Mike. In the spirit of “sharing is caring” today, I’m sharing a list of 20 fall dates to bring you closer to your spouse!

Ready?…Okay cool! Let’s get dating! 

20 Fall Dates To Bring You Closer To Your Spouse | To The Altar & After

Hope you all are filling up your planners with all the fun fall dates I shared! Remember these dates are all about bonding and reconnecting, so that means no texts/calls, no social media, and no checking emails. Also, try to refrain from chatting about anything that causes tension or stress between you. This time should be enjoyable and something you both look forward to – keep it light and fun. Bonus date points if you partake in tons of long kisses, laughter, and hand holding. Lastly, I encourage you to take photos! I love being able to look back on happy moments and someday we’ll have them to share with our children! Please tag me (@laurienttoal) or use the hashtag #tothealtarandafter in any date photos you post to Instagram – I love to see happy couple building stronger relationships!


  1. September 25, 2017 / 5:15 pm

    Great ideas! My husband and I are planning a camping trip this Fall. No phones or distractions. Every couple needs that!

    • September 25, 2017 / 5:39 pm

      So awesome! I hope you guys have the best time!

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