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Happiest of Happy Fridays my friends!

How do you plan to celebrate the weekend? I for one will be enjoying some girl time with my blogger bestie Sylvianna of Lipsticks & Lattes and doing some shopping for my upcoming weekend trip to NYC with my husband! So lots to look forward to!

I’ve had a pretty full content calendar, so I’m just getting around to sharing my most recent Dia & Co. box, which arrived about two weeks ago. I always do try-ons on my IG stories (@laurienttoal), but for those of you who don’t follow me there or are just not into stories, I figured I do a try-on here and really get into my thoughts on my Dia box and the subscription service in general.

For those of you who are like, “what’s Dia & Co.?” Don’t worry I got you! Dia & Co. is a fashion subscription box that caters to plus size and curvy women. At a size 12/14 I consider myself midsize (like sedan lol), but often I find it really difficult to find clothes that accommodate my curvier lower half and still fit my smaller top half. I decided to try Dia & Co. to get to know new brands designed with the curvy women in mind.

How Dia & Co. works? 

 For starters you sign up and provide a bunch of info on yourself. They’ll ask for your sizes in all different apparel, what styles you’re into, colors and patterns you like, weather you like loose fitting or tight fitting items, your social media handles, etc. It’s a lot, but not overly time consuming or difficult! Think of it like those little quizzes in Seventeen Magazine only this one will send you clothes, so it’s about 100x more fun.

I opted for a monthly box, but I think you can have them come more frequently. You will incur a $20 styling fee for each box. Once your box arrives you have 5 days to try on and decide what you want to keep. If you want to keep all 5 items – GREAT – they will take 25% off the total purchase! If not, they provide a (free of charge) return to sender envelope for you to send back what you’re not loving. The $20 styling fee will be credited toward anything you keep, so I say it pays to keep at least one item.

After you’ve picked what you’re keeping, you log onto your account and fill out a little survey about all the pieces in your box, this will help the stylists get to know you and your body, so they can better style out your next box to fit you and your personality!

Here’s what was in my box!

Dia & Co.

Look #1

These burgundy jeans were a winner right from the start. I’ve been telling Mike all summer that I needed burgundy denim for the fall…yes I start thinking about these things that early! I usually love a good chambray or denim button down, but this one just wasn’t flattering on me. It was too boxy and the armholes were too wide (to accommodate for the great boobs that I’ll never have!). I ended up keeping the jeans and returning this top.

Dia & Co.

Look #2

I was really into this dress and struggled to make a decision. Had this been sent to me in May or June, I would have snatched this right up! However, I knew the impending cool weather would keep me from wanting to wear a sleeveless maxi dress. For one, I almost never wear maxi dresses in the fall because I’m not a fan of wearing them anything other than sandals. And secondly, I had no idea what I’d wear to cover my arms. A cardigan would feel matronly, a denim jacket would feel too spring-y, a blazer would just be weird! Ultimately, I had to send it back because the timing was just off for me.

Dia & Co.

Look #3

They sent me the skirt, the top is my own. This wrap skirt was very flattering and I did like it, I just didn’t love it. The skirt was a little big on me, but you do have the option of requesting a different size if you like the item. However, just the like the dress from look #2, I felt it was too spring or summery for me at this point in the year. I could see this working for some girls in their fall wardrobe (especially those in warmer climates), but I didn’t see it working for me, so back it went.

Dia & Co.

Look #4

Dia sent me this lacey top and I paired it with Old Navy Rockstar skinnies for styling purposes. Had this item come in black, I probably would have been more into it. This bright aqua color just isn’t for me. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I just didn’t feel like this color was seasonally appropriate. Come September, I want to see neutrals, and jewel tones, leather, faux fur, suede, plaids, and less bright florals. In black or even an emerald green, I could have styled it with a cardi for work or tight skinnies and heels for date night, the possibilities would have been endless! But there is only so much I can do with bright aqua, so I had to send it back.

The Verdict.

I only kept the burgundy jeans. I want to say they were about $68, minus the $20 styling fee. I’ll pay that amount for good jeans, no problem, because I wear them often. However, some of the items in the box are a little pricey for what they are. For example, that aqua lace top, I want to say that was around $40. It was cute, but not $40 cute! The quality and style of the top felt like something you could purchase at Charlotte Russe for maybe $20.

Ultimately, I felt like the stylist didn’t take into consideration that we were about to change over seasons. At this point in the year, most people aren’t looking to add to their summer wardrobe. And if they are (for next year or a winter vaca) they’re looking to do it on the sale racks.

After this box, I ended up putting my Dia boxes on hold. I kept two things from my first box (jeans and a dress), but from my next two boxes I only kept denim. I just feel that the denim portion of my wardrobe is good for right now and I need to build up other parts. The subscription is really easy to pause or cancel. Just write in to their live chat, it takes all of 5 minutes. I was told I can reinstate my box at any time just by logging back into my account and selecting to receive a new box.

Currently, I’m trying out Stitch Fix after hearing so many good things. I will let you all know my thoughts once that comes in. Stitch Fix is a bit more all-inclusive because they style sizes 0-24W and xs-3x Also, they carry men’s, and offer maternity. I have high expectations, so let’s hope their stylists, brands, and quality can meet them!

Hope you all have a fulfilled weekend, and I’ll see you back here Monday! 


(This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. All items or services we paid for personally.)

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