Living Room Makeover

Happiest of Hump Day Ladies! We’re almost there!

Today we’re talking decor, aka one of my favorite topics!

We’ve only been in our townhouse for 2 years and it took a little time to get it set up to our liking. The problem with me is that I immerse myself in home decor and design images and frequent the isles for decor stores too often, so my taste is always changing. I shared my living room tour last year, you can visit (or revisit) that post here. I was going for a Palm Springs modern with a hint a glamour, but I’ve really decided its Hollywood Regency that I truly love. It’s so over the top with glamour, but still very eclectic and cool.

Aside from my style direction changing, since that post went up our dogs have destroyed that blush rug, our gray and white dash stitched pillows are done, and I’m pretty sure the life of my dalmatian print chairs is running out (who can keep that chairs that white with too dogs?!). The straw that really broke the camel’s back and prompted this room re-do was  a few months ago when our glass top coffee table shattered in the middle of the night completely on it’s own! It was an inexpensive piece from Ikea that we wanted to replace anyway, but we thought we had plenty of time to do so. It took Mike and I forever to agree on a new (go figure thats one thing he actually has an opinion in the house). Now that we’ve finally found one, I’ve been able to plan a little room makeover. Today I’m sharing my room make over plans for the most loved room in our house!

Couch | Mirror | Coffee Table | Rug | Accent Chairs | Accent Table | Velvet Pillows | Palm Pillows | Beaded Pillow

The couch is the same one we already own and we absolutely love it. The fabric is so durable and really easy to wipe down. The mirror hung above is similar to one that we purchased last year at Home Goods on sale for like $90, a serious steal. I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing it with artwork, but truthfully it’s so heavy and was such a pain to hang that I can’t be bothered to take it down. Also, the accent table between the chairs is one that we currently have and still really love. So to work the green into the space we decided go with palm print pillows, but upgrade from our current ones, which were cheapies from H&M Home. I like these from Redouble because the print is a brighter green and they’re more eye-catching.
I don’t know if we’ll go with these exact accent chairs because although they look pink online I think they’re more of a champagne color, so not exactly what I need. I’m currently on the hunt for cool blush chairs or something unique, I love a good patterned chair, so we’ll see, but  know this search will take some time.
The coffee table has adorned our space for the last week and a half and it has been awesome! We love how sturdy and stylish it is. I’ve adorned it with a simple mirrored and gold round tray filled with a fall candle, and a plant. I’m thinking some faux silk flowers would look good. The rug we already purchased is similar to the one shown we actually stumbled upon it at Home Goods. We like it, however we were worried that it would be too small for the space, but it’s actually perfect. It only cost us $80 so it is a win-win! I’m not sure who makes it because there is no tag, but I’m impressed with quality for it’s low price.
In our living room catacorner near the accent chairs, we have a gold and glass bar cart. It could some updating and new decor too – especially pictures hung above it. Opposite from the couch is the faux fireplace, which burns clean burning gel fuel (they look like large sternos). Above that, our TV is hung. On the mantle, I have really cute photo frames that hold wedding photos, but other than that it could use a little love also.
Hopefully, I’ll have all these updates done by Thanksgiving, because we typically like to host our families. I do also wan’t to update our dining space, but I’ll share that design board in another post.
See you all on Friday!

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  1. September 20, 2017 / 11:18 pm

    Love Love Love! Can’t wait to see the finished look!

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