Camo Denim

camo denim camo denim camo denim

V-neck Tee : Caslon | Camo Jeans : Old Navy | Shoes : Nine West | Bag : Old, super similar | Sunglasses : Sassy Girlz Inc | Watch : Movado | Lipstick : Stila – Patina

Yay for Monday Funday!

I hope you all had a fulfilling weekend spent doing all the things you love. I hung out with Mike, who I finally had all to myself for two days. He’s been working a lot lately and sometimes that means for 12-14 hour shifts on the weekend. We tried a new (to us) restaurant with Mike’s parents Friday night. The food was seriously so good. On Saturday we ran our errands, grocery shopped, and then went to the movies to see IT. I’m not a scary movie person because I’m a scaredy cat, but it was a pretty good remake. Sunday, we went fall candle shopping at Bath & Body Works. I also picked up some of their wallflower plug ins too which keep your house smelling wonderful all the time. Then we browsed HomeGoods and actually found a new rug for our living room. All and all it was a weekend well spent!

Also, worth mentioning is weather we’ve been having in New Jersey. Fall came kind of early. I may be speaking too soon and I’m sure we’ll get hit with a 90 degree because I’m saying this. We’ve had pretty mild temps in the low 70s during the day and like 55 at night. I’ve been loving it and started transitioning my wardrobe. These camo jeans are so perfect and camo is really trending right now. I like that they add a little a edge to outfits, without being overly edgy. They pair perfectly with a v-neck tee, a knit sweater, or even a trendy lace up sweatshirt. I can’t wait to stye these for full on fall! And speaking of v-neck tees, this tee by Caslon was my favorite pick from the NSale, I got it in 4 colors! My black and acrylic heeled mules have been my favorites for a while, They’re so comfortable I wear them to work, I wear them to shop, I wear them to the gym…lol jk I don’t really go to the gym, but they’re comfy enough for a treadmill sesh! Anyway I think it’s safe to say this outfit will be new go-to on the weekends.

Hope you’re all starting your week off right, making your to-do lists and getting motivated to cross everything off! I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!


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