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Today I’m here to talk lashes – one of my favorite things!

Okay, so for starters I am not lash challenged. I actually have pretty long, full lashes naturally. However, I really love lashes. The longer, and more full the better! I love the look of falsies, but don’t have the skill or patience to apply them for special occasions let alone for daily wear. A friend of mine was a lash extension veteran and would always talk about how great they were. Her’s always looked so good, but I wasn’t ready to give up my beloved layers upon layers of waterproof mascara.

I thought about giving lash extension a try for months, but never seemed to be able to bite the bullet. Until about 6 weeks ago when I saw an ad on Facebook for a local salon that was running a special on lashes. The deal was $99 for a full set and a complimentary two week fill. What a perfect way to try it out?! So I booked an appointment and now here we are.




lashlash lash

Obviously a big difference! Here are the details…

How long did it take?

I got 60 lashes per eye and it took about an hour and a half to complete the full set. For my first fill it took about 50 minutes.

What was the process like?

You just lay on your back on a massage table and keep your eyes shut the whole time. There will be these sticky pads on your under eye area to keep the glue from getting stuck to your lower lashes. Personally, I found it really hard and uncomfortable to lay still through that first session – my back was killing me, but the second time for my fill wasn’t bad.

How do you care for them?

You can’t wet them for the first 24 hours, but after that it’s fine and my lash girl actually recommended regular wetting to keep them hydrated. When cleaning your face you have to avoid oil based products, even some products that claim they’re oil-free can breakdown the glue and cause lashes to fall out prematurely so be careful. The only thing that worked for me was gently patting them with a makeup wipe, but it also didn’t remove all the product. You also will need to brush the gently with a spoolie twice a day.

Can you still use eye makeup?

Yes. If you want to use mascara you have to use one that is water based. I used Tarte’s Gifted mascara. I didn’t wear it everyday, because washing it out was pain and scrubbing too hard would cause lashes to fall out. I will say in retrospect I think wearing eye makeup along with them shortens their lifespan.

What do they feel like?

They don’t feel like your natural lashes, they feel more coarse. The glue is a little hard at the root and can be uncomfortable if it get pressed into your eyelid when laying down or sleeping. Also, I found certain lashes to be irritating because they were maybe a heavier extension glued to flimsy lash so it would sit weird or bend downward.

How long do they last?

Well it really depends on how you care for them. When I got my first set they barely lasted the first week, so when I went for my fill I basically got almost a full new set. After my last fill though they lasted much longer. My lash girl recommends going in for a fill every two weeks. However, a lot of other lashed out friends and websites say its normal to get a fill every 3 to 4 weeks. I would say it really depends on how you care for them.

Do they damage your natural lashes?

In theory they shouldn’t. They’re glued to your natural lash and should last the cycle of when that lash would naturally fall out. A new lash will grow in and eventually be long and sturdy enough for new lash extension to be attached to it.

However, I found that the coarse lash extension and the hard glue at the root would often get snagged on towels when drying my face or pillowcases while sleeping. When the glue gets snagged it causes your lash extension to pull out your natural lash along with it. Most of my lash extensions are out now and I do notice my natural lashes don’t look as long as they did before the procedure. Probably because the lash extensions pulled out a lot of my longer more mature lashes. The fullness is still there though.

Would you recommend lash extensions?

So, I love how great they look! When I wake up and my hair is a mess and my skin tone is uneven at least my lashes are still poppin and on point! I think if you’re someone who is not into makeup this could be amazing for you. It will give you an instant pulled together, polished look with a dash of glam.

However, if you’re someone who loves their mascara this will be a challenging adjustment. I did miss my regular mascara. I hated how hard it was to clean away the little bit of mascara I would occasionally wear. Also, you get seriously stressed when they start to fall out. My absolute least favorite part was how my lashes looked after a few would fall out, like my middle lashes would fall out, but I’d still have flares at the ends and some at beginning of my lash line and it just looked crazy. Also, if you can’t commit to the upkeep this won’t be the beauty service for you.

Will I be refilling my lashes again?

Probably not. It was really fun to try and I love the way they looked. However,  the maintenance was a lot for me because mine were barely lasting 2 weeks let alone 3 to 4 weeks (which would have been ideal). They were great for everyday wear, but when I would go out and kick my makeup up a notch I didn’t feel like they were dramatic enough (keep in mind that I’m totally extra though and for most people these would be fine). I think the layered mascara look on my natural lashes is probably the best for me and my lifestyle.

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