What I Actually Bought From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This picture is a bit misleading because I’m holding one innocent little shopping bag. This was from my first Nsale scavenging trip. There was an online order and a second shopping trip! I found some things I’m excited for and a few things that ended up being disappointments. In today’s post I’m going to break down what I actually purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

Vince Camuto Karinda Boots

One thing Is for sure, every girl needs a pair of over the knee boots. Every season I purchase a new pair, so when I saw this pair on sale I got excited because it was a great price and they’re so cute! They come in regular and wide calf and after reading a lot of reviews saying the regular width ran big I thought I’d go with them in black suede. They came in yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed. I should have order the wide calf because the regular width does not run as large as everyone was saying. they fit okay on my bare leg, but add jeans and theres no way those are getting over my knee! Sadly, I have to make a return this weekend.

Caslon Rounded V-Neck Tee

Good tee shirts are a fashion must-have! They pair perfectly with a pair of jeans and a blazer, or tucked into a fancy velvet skirt and moto jacket. I don’t like tight tees, I prefer a relaxed fit. These Caslon tees were under $20 and have a great comfy, loose fit. I got one in white one and one in burgundy stem.

Treasure & Bond Asymmetrical Cold Shoulder Sweater

I love oversized fall sweaters and when I saw this one I knew I needed it. I purchased it in gray because I figured I’d get the most wear out of it, but I’m considering heading back for the navy blue one. I got the XL for a roomier fit and it’s perfect. If you’re like me and you like your sweaters bigger for leggings, I suggest sizing up.

Gibson Bell Sleeve Sweater

This was an online purchase along with the boots. I saw it before the sale was open to the public and by the time I placed my order last Friday for the gray one. It was back ordered in my size but only until early August. No big deal since I certainly wouldn’t be wearing it anytime soon. Except I checked my email on Wednesday and saw and email form Nordstrom that the sweater is now unavailable and my money would be refunded. I’m so sad that I’m not getting this sweater because I was really looking forward to adding it to my wardrobe. Maybe I’ll see if I like any of the other colors and replace my order.

KUT Jeans

 Another item everyone needs is jeans. Only problem is I hate jeans shopping. It’s so difficult for me to find jeans that fit me well. I didn’t expect to find jeans, but I figured why not try on a few and see if I can find a new brand that I like. These KUT jeans fit like a glove and have great stretch to them. They fray and hi-low ankle detail is so fun and I love the way it looks with flats or heels but they’re slim enough to fit into boots in the fall.

That’s it! I didn’t go too crazy! And I tried to only get things I really needed. I might do one more go around a Nordstrom at a different  mall when I return the boots and see if I can find anything, but I think I’ve gotten my Nsale fix for the year.

Did you pick up anything at sale?


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