5 House Plants Perfect For People Without A Green Thumb

5 House Plants Perfect For People Without A Green Thumb

A huge trend in home decor right now is adding greenery to your indoor spaces. From nurseries to living rooms, people are loading up their homes with pretty lush plants! There are plenty of benefits to adding plants to your home, some have air purifying properties and I’m convinced seeing cheery plants inside can boost your levels of happiness – perfect for the Winter months when you can’t be outside as much.

I have a few plants in our house, which is surprising to everyone that knows me well because I am a terrible plant parent! Seriously, I’m awful! I mean in my past I killed a succulent –  aren’t they supposed to be like desert plants, how did I manage that. Anyway, I knew I wanted some plants, but I know where my weakness lie, so I did research one what I could manage. It’s been about a year since I’ve had most of my plants and they’re still kicking, so here are the top 5 house plants for those who are green thumb challenged…


Sounds strange, I know. Growing up my grandmother kept an aloe plant for when she would get burned while cooking or if one of us grandchildren took a tumble. She’d break the leaf and apply the natural aloe sap to the burn or wound. So I like having one of these for the memories and the practicality of it. However, they are also really durable plants. I never give mine direct sunlight, it sits in living room where it does get moderate light from the surrounding windows though. We water it maybe once a week, sometimes once every week and a half and it’s still alive and kicking!


Cacti are pretty much no brainers! They also compliment mid-century modern styled homes perfectly. They are desert plants and require a good amount of sunlight and very little water. Our cactus stays closer to the large window in the living room and we water it about once every 2 weeks, but even then we only water it enough to dampen the top level of soil. Another fun cactus fact is you can dress them up a bit. Ours has dried pink flowers hot glued to the top of it, so feel free to do a little decorating, but obviously beware of the needles!


Now I know there are several types of plants in the succulent family, but I find their needs kind of similar so I lumped them together. I have the most experience with the Echeveria and as a matter of fact I this is succulent I killed many years ago when I tried to keep one. I’ve learned through trial and error what these little guys need to thrive and stay alive. They do best with constant sunlight, so bathrooms without windows are not going to work for this plant. They soil also needs to be kept moist, but not too wet. I water min every few days when I notice the soil might be a little too dry.


 Greenery is great, but sometimes you want to pretty up the house with flowers. While I love buying bouquets and displaying them in vases all over the house, they do die after a week and it’s definitely an expensive luxury that I’m not always willing to splurge on. This is why Orchids are great! They’re beautiful and they live for quite sometime, so no hitting the florist once a week. The best part is the need very little maintenance. These plants don’t like direct sunlight, but do need indirect sunlight to thrive. I water mine once a week and  the goal is to moisten the soil, but don’t drown the plant. A little goes a long way!


This plant in my favorite, because most of the other plants I’ve covered are on the smaller side and this one is a big boy. It was smaller when we got it and is now much larger. At one point we thought we killed it and it was on its way out and then miraculously with some watering it came back stronger than ever. I think this plant comes in a variety of greens and has different leaf options. Ours is a split leaf which makes it look tropical and fun. We have it against the wall in our dining room which gets a lot of sun, but we noticed that it grows more to the side of the planter that gets the most sun, so our leans forward a bit. We water it once a week or sometimes we forget and it’s more like two weeks.

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