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Last week we got back from a 4-night stay in Ocean City Maryland. Mike and I took the four hour drive and met up with his parents, older brother and his wife for a little family vacay! I’ve been to OC, MD twice before and Mike’s family used to go when he was a child. We stayed at Plim Plaza which is between 1st and 2nd st. I will say while there are probably nicer hotels to stay at in Ocean City, you have to take into account the majority of accommodations in beachy areas. They tend to be dated and not the most ideal, however you’re at the beach for views, experiences, and activities – your hotel should really just be a clean place sleep and shower. That’s how Plim Plaza was, although it wasn’t the prettiest or most well-kept hotel we’ve ever stayed at it was prime location right off the boardwalk and beach and a short bus ride from all the mini golfing and restaurants. We certainly did a lot in our short time there and I wanted to share some of our favorite places and activities…


Food For Everyone: Embers

Typically I’m not s huge buffet girl – I like to sit, order, and eat, not get up 50 times (because I truly will get up and fill a plate that many times!). However, being that we were on a family vacay and everyone has different tastes, the buffet was a great option to make everyone happy. Embers is a prime rib and seafood buffet with everything from a raw bar, to a carving station, to tons of sides, and the best part – mounds of huge snow crab legs! Any place where I can eat an unlimited amount of crab legs, oysters, and probably the best hush puppies I’ve ever had is a winner in my book! There are plenty of non-seafood options for those who are allergic or just plain not into it. Also, lots of kid-friendly options too. The kids seemed to especially like the soft serve ice cream machine and topping bar for dessert – I love it too, just saying.

Seafood Lovers Paradise: Mug and Mallet

If you want an authentic Maryland beach experience then you need to dine at Mug and Mallet. They’re located right on the boardwalk and have great views of the beach. Upon ordering, waiters put kraft paper sheets over the red picnic tables for you to feast on. It does get pretty messy so, make sure you’re dressed pretty casually. Mike and I shared a steamer platter that included 1 lbs of shrimp, 1 lbs of snow crab legs, 1/2 a dozen crabs, and two ears of corn. They give you a mallet and you just go to town!


Feel Good Activity: Embers Island Mini Golf

Sometimes it’s great to get out an just act like a kid again, so I really like a competitive game of mini golf! We made a date night out of it and had a blast. There were plenty of kids with their parents there and they looked like they were having even more fun than we were, so I would say it’s a super family friendly place. There are two courses to play on, volcano and pirate and it’s only about $10 per adult to play, so its an affordable activity.

Best Night Life: Secrets

Now, this trip we didn’t make it to Secrets, but I’ve been OC, MD two others times and have been to Secrets on both occasions. During the day it’s like a bar restaurant where you can drink cocktails in the bay side water and sit on floats. At night it turns into a dance club with both indoor and outdoor areas. It gets crowded, but there are several bars and really it’s a lot of fun, especially for those in their early 20’s! This time around we were a bit more focused on family time, but who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll be back with a little one and begging grandma and grandpa watch him/her, so Mike and I can have a date night at Secrets!

Romantic Date: Ferris Wheel at Jolly Rodgers On The Pier

At home, Mike and I are usually in bed by like 11pm on the weekends and 10pm during the week, but some reason on vacation we we’re wired and out exploring all night. One night we walked to the end of  the boardwalk, towards a brightly lit ferris wheel that we could see from our hotel. It was my first time on a ferris wheel and there is something kind of romantic about being cuddled up with a cutie in a tiny booth while hanging at a fear inducing height ;)! At night you get gorgeous views of the boardwalk and city all lit up and during the day you get a beautiful view of the beach, either way its a win-win.

Fun For everyone: Caribbean Pool Bar

It’s like a scientific fact that kids love pools. It’s also a scientific fact that parents need a cocktail while one vacation (you work hard)! The Caribbean Pool Bar has everything you need for a fun day in the sun when you’ve had enough of the beach. They have live music, a bar and grill, poolside waitresses, and a large pool with lounge chairs all around. This was actually attached to our hotel, but it draws a big crowd so plan to get there early to get a spot.

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  1. July 18, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    Awesome pics especially of the Ariel view of the boardwalk at night Great family vacay hopefully we could make it a tradition!!!!

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