5 Facts About Me According To My Husband


I’m always thinking about what kind of content I can share about myself that will help you guys get to know me better. Yes, I share about my weekend plans, recipes I’ve whipped up lately, and my current fashion and beauty obsessions, but still it’s all pretty superficial information. I love learning more about the person behind the blog, it makes everything a bit more authentic. My goal is to always be 100% authentic and to really have this blog be an extension of myself. I shared a 20 Facts About Me post a while ago, but sometimes I think the best way to get to know someone is to learn from someone who knows them best. So for this post I thought, my dear husband, Mike, could share 5 facts about me according to his expertise. Because after all he is pretty much an expert on all things Laurient!

1. I’m not a “movie person.”

It’s true. I’m really not. The super unfortunate and ironic part is I’m married to a movie person! Mike loves movies and is always looking to watch one. Me on the other hand, I try to avoid them at all costs. Mike always says he doesn’t understand how I can watch the same the episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta 47 times, but I refuse to sit through a movie. I have no answer really. I’m just not wired to like movies, but maybe if they made a Real Housewives of Atlanta movie I’d be game! Call Andy Cohen, lets make this happen.

2.I’m overly emotionally invested in couples I don’t know.

I laughed hysterically when Mike told me this because it’s so true, but it’s something I never noticed about myself. When I go on social media or watch TV and see couples getting engaged, married, and having babies, I get so excited for them. I just love to see people winning and reaching exciting life milestones. I talk about reality couples or old high class mates with Mike and he’ll be like, “Who are they? And why do I care?” The problem is I’m also devastated when I learn about people’s breakups or divorces. You would think couples were related to me that’s how upset I get! If Jordan and Jojo ever breakup I’ll just die of a broken heart. It just can’t happen.

3.Martha Stewart is my Beyoncé.

All hail the queen….Martha! Actually, I do really love Yoncé, much like the rest of the world. However, Martha is the OG! I love Martha Stewart as a role model and a brand. Mike knows how much I love her and will point out Martha Stewart brand products when were out and about. IT’s so funny because he’s like “look Laurient it’s your girl!” When we did our wedding registry we were registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target. I created a 3rd registry (which was excessive) at Macy’s just so I could put Martha’s products on there. Our copper bottom pot and pan set was from her brand along with my beloved footed cake plate, and the best dutch oven pot I’ve ever owned. If I ever got to meet Martha, I’d probably just cry and not make eye contact because I’m not just not worthy enough…

4.Mac & cheese is my favorite comfort food. 

Mike says I’d eat mach & cheese everyday if I could. I don’t think I’m that bad, but there are a million ways make it, so I’d probably never get bored – just saying! I think it all stems from my mom making the most amazing baked mac & cheese. We only eat it on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s special and feels just like home. Somehow over the years I’ve translated that comforting feeling into all mac & cheeses and have somehow become a m&c connoisseur of sorts. My first year of college when I was home sick I took to EasyMac and now I make boxed mac & cheese occasionally if I’m alone for dinner or had a bed day. If Mike and I are out to eat and there is lobster mac & cheese on the menu, It’s pretty much a given that I’m ordering it. Obviously it’s a delicious dish and makes me feel like a child with no cares in the world again so why not! Hopefully, I never develop a lactose problem because I can’t live without cheese.

5.I’m am a workaholic of sorts.

Whenever Mike tells me I work too much I’m like is that supposed to be a compliment or a dig? I work 40+ hours a week at my job in juvenile products marketing and then I work on To The Altar & After in my spare time. Working on the blog is a constant thing, and as you may have noticed I’ve added an extra post a week. After work in the evenings and on weekends I’m editing posts, taking pictures, implementing social media strategies, researching, and communicating with certain brands on possible partnerships. If Mike and I have an event to go to, I generally will try to squeeze in a quick shoot before hand so I have content for the blog. The problem is I’m constantly thinking and scheduling, so sometimes Mike needs to remind me to slow down and disconnect so we can reconnect. I think most of the time when he tells calls me a workaholic he’s proud of me and less so pointing out a flaw, but the key really is for me to learn how to balance.




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