Michael Kors Savannah Bag Review & Size Comparison


My name is Laurient, and I’m a handbag junkie.

The feeling I’d get when I bought a new bag was indescribable. I loved accessorizing my outfits with bags in new colors, shapes, and styles. I would buy a new bag almost every time I walked into a store. $20 here $50 there, my closet was stuffed to the point of no return with cheap bags whose straps would surely break under the preasure of carrying my whole life around. When I moved in with my husband I did a purse purge. I decided it was time to come clean from my addiction. I began buying bags less frequently and spending more money on quality bags when I did shop. That lead me to Michael Kors and ultimately the Savannah bag, I was smart and researched my purchase heavily. For the first time in the history of my bag buying, I purchased the same style bag twice! That’s a testament to how great this bag is. I want it in every size and color, because it seriously is the best accessory.

Let’s get into the specifics…

MK Savannah Extra Large Bag
Dimensions: 10.75in. H x 14.50in. L x 6in .D

Material: Saffiano Leather

Features: Detachable cross body strap, large center zippered compartment, two magnetic closures, key leash, smaller zippered compartment, and small phone pockets.

I bought this bag in December when I was in need of a black everyday bag. I liked the spacious side pockets and the large zippered center compartment. I did however have trouble deciding between the XL and Large. I’m used to super oversized bags and I was worried the large bag would be too small, so ultimately I chose the XL. I can comfortably fit my makeup bag, a bag of essentials (Advil, stain sticks, bandaids, etc.) an umbrella, a bottle of water, and like 100 other things in this bag. Even though the inside is so large, I’m still able to find everything in my bag easily because of the many organized compartments. I love the top handles and how sturdy they are carrying the weight of my life in that bag, but I also like the option to carry it on my shoulder with the longer detachable strap. The saffiano leather is amazing. It’s simple to wipe down with a damp cloth and doesn’t scratch or scuff easily. Also, the saffiano leather is more structured then classic leather so the bag holds it’s structured shape better. All and all the design makes it a truly perfect everyday bag and the extra large size is perfect for girls who like the oversized bag look and tend to carry a lot – also it’s excellent for travel! To see how this bag looks while being carried, check it out in this out post.

MK Savannah Large Bag
 Dimensions: 9in. H x 13in. L x 5in. D

Material: Saffiano Leather

Features: Detachable cross body strap, large center zippered compartment, two magnetic closures, key leash, smaller zippered compartment, and small phone pockets.

I loved carrying the XL sized Savannah so much that I decided I wanted to repurchase it in a more neutral, Spring-y color. The XL size only comes in 2 or 3 colors, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get another XL bag. I also thought for my Spring bag I could downsize a bit. At first I was nervous that the bag would look too small against my frame and figure. After a bunch of research and tons of in-store mirror tests, I bit the bullet and bought the Savannah in large in the Oyster color. I absolutely love the color of the bag and it get compliments all the time. The large Savannah is available in a slew of great colors. Although I love the XL size, I really think the large is the perfect size. You can still fit a ton in the large and it is a bit easier to tote around with you. Just like the XL, it’s made of super durable and easy to care for saffiano leather. If your curious about what this looks like while been carried, you can check it out in this outfit post.



  1. May 8, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Looks so nice but I should not look to closely as I am meant to be saving money….

  2. Stinne Piotrowskyt
    December 28, 2017 / 8:01 am

    I just came across this review and I would like to ask you whether you have had any problems with the magnetic closure opening by itself while wearing?
    I see in other reviews this problem but am about to buy this bag in medium so just want to make sure its worth my money.
    Thank you in advance.

    • December 30, 2017 / 4:40 pm

      I notice I have difficulty getting the magnets to close or stay closed when my bag is a little stuffed, however I don’t usually have an issue with it opening while carrying it.

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