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For whatever reason I love seeing what other girl are carrying in their bags. If you search “What’s In My Purse” on Youtube, tons of videos will come up- seriously tons! Chances are I’ve binge watched several dozen of them! I’m nosey and just always so curious because all women are so different. Some women go bare minimum, only carrying the essentials and others carry everything but the kitchen sink. I probably have more in common with the later of the two. Obviously the most exciting part of a What’s In My Purse video or blog post is the makeup bag! Instead of boring you with a collection of stain sticks, Tums, and random receipts, I figured I’d go straight to the good stuff! I keep my travel makeup pretty minimal. It’s usually a few essential products and then whatever I’m wearing on my lips that day, which lately has been the same combo of products. I also like to keep a cute makeup bag that I won’t be embarrassed to pull out in public. The one above was a Marshalls find, but you can shop my other cute makeup bag picks,as well as all the products mentioned under the shop this post section.

Okay, so my makeup bag must-haves are as follows…

NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Powder 

Having a matte powder on hand is essential for me. In the winter I tend to have drier skin and won’t reach for powder much during the day. But I still like to have it to cover up any blemishes that may rear their ugly heads. During the summer I have a more oily T-zone and I hate shine on my face. I love this powder for midday touch-ups and minimizing any shine. The powder is light and not drying on the skin. It also gives good coverage for anything you may need to hide during the day.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I always set my makeup before I leave the house. I like the longevity setting sprays give your makeup, but even more so, I love how they make your makeup melt into your skin and look so much more natural. However, naturally after hours of wear my foundation starts to look dry or patchy in my problem areas, which is never a good look. Whenever that happens I love to spritz on a little Mario Badescu facial spray. I feel like hydrates my skin and gives it a little a wake up call.

Naked Basics 2 Palette

I really like all the Urban Decay Naked palettes and own most of them. When the second basic palette came out I was so excited because it’s the perfect range of neutral matte shades, great for everyday looks. It turns out the shade primal is an excellent color to fill in my brows and I use it almost daily. Most mornings I don’t get to fill in my brows before I leave for work, so I bring the palette along and do them quickly in the car when I pull up to work! I love that the palette is so small and easy to bring everywhere. It’s also great to have handy if I need to throw a little shadow on last minute to spruce up my look!

Better Than Sex Mascara

I remember the days when I considered leaving the house without mascara on a sin. It seemed truly blasphemous then! Now I’m lucky if I even remember to put any on during the work week. For the days that I don’t remember until I’m already out of the house, I like to have some close-at-hand in my purse. So I carry a tube of whatever I want to finish up usually. Right now on deck we have Too Faced’s Better Than Sex, but truthfully, it’s not my favorite and once it runs out I’ll replace it with a tube of Covergirl Lash Fusion.

Stila Lip Liner in Pink Moscato & Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Perla

This has been my go to lip combo for about two months now, which is remarkable because no lip combo has ever held my attention this long! The liner pairs exceptionally with the liquid lipstick and they are such a unique shade. It’s a great bend of nude, mauve, and taupe – sounds odd, but it totally works. The lipstick is super long lasting, not all day, but you will get several hours of wear. I don’t find it too drying either. Also, I’m not usually one to splurge on lip liners, but this one glides on so smoothly, it’s literally fail-proof, and absolutely worth the money. I recommend the Stila liners to everyone, and in the pink moscato one is even pretty to wear alone.

What do you carry in your makeup bag? Nosey me is dying to know!


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