Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanner Review

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The early spring months are challenging. You want to break out all your spring attire, but your toes are unpedicured and your legs are as pale as paper. In college, I dabbled in laying in tanning beds, but always cringed while under the UV lights knowing how bad it was for my skin. I’ve literally been worried about wrinkles my entire life – most likely causing premature wrinkles…go figure! I gave up tanning beds several years ago and usually would just wait for sunny, unseasonably warm days to lay out on the beach. However, that takes time and patience – something my millennial self knows absolutely nothing about. Recently, I decided to try out a sunless self tanner, but being on beauty budget I knew I didn’t want to try anything too pricey. I settled on the Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanner and have been trying it out for a few weeks and wanted to share my pros, cons, and tips for using!

  • This self tanner is easier than pie to apply. It’s in a thick lotion consistency and I apply it every other night after showering. I rub the tanner into my skin just like I would with a regular body lotion and then wash my hands like the instructions suggest.
  • The lotion has a scent but it’s nothing too strong or off-putting. My husband has even commented that he thinks it smells like sunblock and that it reminds him of summer vacay!
  • The product doesn’t transfer. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that their sunless tanner leaves a mess on their towels, sheets, and clothing. I have not had that problem. I sleep on white sheets and this tanner hasn’t left any coloring on my linens.
  • You notice a change in your coloring quickly. Naturally in the sun, I tan easily and fast. I didn’t know how long it would take to notice a difference, but after using the lotion two nights in a row I found that I could tell I looked more bronze. However, I will say I noticed a difference faster with the body lotion than I did with the face lotion.
  • The price point is super affordable. If I can recall correctly I paid under $20 for the both the body and face lotion at Target.
  • It works a little too good! I noticed a change in my coloring after my second use which was great, but after another 2 days of consecutive use I was looking too tan for April. I laid off for a few days and then switched to every other day application and my tan is more believable and natural now.
  • It does settle in creases. If you’re not careful in your application of the product you can end up with unflattering dark lines that look dirty- not a cute look.
  • Exfoliate in the shower before using the tanner for the first time. This will help to get off dead skins cells leaving behind fresh, clean skin ready to be bronzed evenly!
  • Exercise caution in the creases on knees, ankles and toes. Using too much product and not rubbing it in properly will cause unappealing orangey lines.
  • After applying lotion to the ankle area try pointing out toes causing your ankle to flex until product dries to ensure you don’t a line there.
  • After applying the product to your legs and arms, don’t cover them in clothing. I sleep in a tank and shorts on tanner nights to avoid fabric rubbing off my tanner.
Happy safe sunless tanning loves! 


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  1. Lisa Briguglio
    April 24, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    I will have to try it again…first time I used it,I saw streaks

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