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We’ve all seen the incredibly relatable memes and video shorts of how running into Target for one or two small things can quickly escalate into leaving with a cart full of random goodies. Often you walk out with everything but what you went there for in the first place! That’s the worst and I’m guilty of doing it myself more times than I care to admit. I’m not above the hype, I seriously love a good Target. I can always find several things I need to take home with me so I thought this might be a fun little series to do every now and then to share my recent Target finds with all my other Target obsessed friends.

I usually love so much of what I see in the home decor section. They have really great stuff, a lot of our decor around our house are things I picked up at Target. One decor item I always pick up at Target is doormats for our front door. They have some seriously cute and on trend doormats. We had the home sweet home one and I just replaced with the welcome cactus mat! I love how it brightens up the entrance way. Even our UPS guy complimented the fun colors.

I also really love to shop beauty items at target because the prices are much lower than typical drugstore prices. I read about the Pixi Glow Toner on another blog and that blogger was raving about it. A few months back I gave it a try and really loved it. It has glycolic acid in it so it helps get rid of dead skin causing dark spots and scars to diminish leaving behind brighter skin…um yes please. I’m on my 3rd bottle. Also, I recently tried my first Sonia Kashuk product, the illuminating foundation. I’ve been trying it out for about a week now. I like the glowy finish, but it doesn’t give as much coverage as I usually like. However, I think it will work well in the summer when I go a little lighter on face makeup.

I rarely shop for clothes for at Target, which sounds weird because I love shopping for clothes pretty much everywhere. It’s not that I don’t like the clothing selection at Target, I actually often find pieces I think would be cute additions to my closet. They don’t really have sales on clothing and I think that’s what deters me the most. It feels like the top I’m considering isn’t worth the $30 they’re asking for, but if it were on sale for even $25, I’d be more inclined to buy it. Ugh bargain shopper brain! This dress was actually only $30 and the quality felt so good I had to have it. I love that it flow and kind of bohemian, yet still refined enough to wear everywhere.

The shoe sections is the second place I hit up after the decor. I can usually find a pair of shoes I really like sometimes a few pairs. Some of the better stocked stores have a really great shoe selection. Not all of them are the most comfortable, but they do have plenty of winners. My new favorites are the these platform sandals by Mossimo. They’re so comfy I wear them for hours and feel fantastic. You can see how I styled them here!

Lastly, I really love Target’s accessories. The Sugarfix by Baublebar line is cute and super affordable, but even Target’s generic jewelry line has some cute items. I love these J.Crew-esq earrings, as soon as I saw them I knew I needed them! And of course, all of Target’s little chatchkas are too cute to pass up on. The other day I decided I had to have a new keychain for our new car keys and then I came across this adorable Cat & Jack cactus keychain for $5! I’m 100% sure it’s for children, but it makes me smile, so I’m going with it, hah! The cactus unzips and makes a perfect little change purse for toll quarters.

Have you made a Target run recently? What did you find?


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