Weekend Checklist


As I’m writing this Mike is on the phone with the insurance company getting everything set up for a new exciting purchase. Today, we are getting rid of our leased Sonata for something a little more spacious. Trying to agree on an SUV we both liked was difficult, but after a few months we are finally on the same page. #TheToalTribe isn’t expanding quite yet, but hopefully it’s in our not too far off future, so we want to have the room ready for all the extra cargo! I’m also looking forward to all the trunk space for larger Home Goods finds.

Something else on my checklist that I’m looking forward to is my Saturday morning nail appointment. I really enjoy that “me time” and how it feels like a little luxury. I can only sit still for so long, especially on a Saturday, so I’m glad that gel manicures don’t take too long. I also have to shoot a new outfit look for a blog post next week. It’s another flared sleeve – surprise surprise! If you haven’t noticed from this week, I’m trying to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s not going to be easy, but I want to try to get out more content for you guys.

Easter Sunday is my mother’s favorite holiday. Every year we attend my childhood Church’s Easter service in the morning and then make a big breakfast back at home, I have the best memories of my mom, bother and I laughing and shuffling around each other trying to cook in the kitchen. My brother, Chris, was in charge of the eggs, mom made the home fries, and I made pancakes. Over the years the dishes have gotten more elaborate, but the gathering is still very much the same – full of light-hearted fun. I’m happy I have Mike to envelope into our family tradition. We’re both looking forward to it this weekend.

Hope your weekend is fulfilling and fun! Check back in on Monday, I’ll be sharing my favorite top for spring/summer!


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