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Many times in my life I’ve tried to hide or camouflage my curls. In the 7th grade after years of bullying and people tugging at my curls to watch them spring back, I learned how to blow out my hair. I continued to wear my hair straight for the next several years. The amount of damage I did to my hair is insane. My mother always told me I’d regret hating on my curls and  just like everything else…she was right! My hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders it was so dead from all the heat torture and I all I wanted was long beautiful hair.

It wasn’t until about two years before my wedding that I started to nurture my natural hair again. At first my curls were so damaged. I went through that awkward stage where wearing my natural was embarrassing because it looked to bad. The ends of my hair were straight from all that flat ironing. My roots were tight curls and the middle section of my hair was a looser curl. It took a few months before my texture started to even out. Then it took more time to find the right products and care routine to keep my curls on track. For any of my curious curly girls reading this is what I do/the products I use…


It’s important to remember you don’t need to wash your curly hair daily. I wash every 3 days when I’m going curly. Curly hair tends to be more dry and coarse and needs the extra moisture/oil from your scalp. When I wash use a keratin oil shampoo to moisturize and keep my hair’s cuticle smooth to avoid frizz. I use a deep conditioner as a regular condition because once again moisture is that important!


Twice a month, I massage coconut into my hair. I really saturate my hair with the oil and then I pop a shower cap over my hair. every few minutes, I use my blow dryer to add heat in the shower cap to really open the hair’s cuticle. I leave it in my hair for about 45 minutes. I swear when I was trying to grow out my hair this is what did the trick!


I’ve tried tons of products marketed towards curly hair. Some leave your hair sticky, some feel to oily, and some are totally drying. It’s really hard to find something that plays nice with your curls. When I picked up the Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Curling Cream, I didn’t have high hopes, but it worked so well and really helped my hair get it’s shape back while it was still damaged. Since picking that product up I’ve tried a few others from that line and I like most of them, especially the leave in conditioner.  I also really love the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk. I put that in my hair in the evening after I wash and I let my hair air dry. It smells delicious and it makes my curls soft and touchable. In the morning, I’ll give my hair a spritz with water and then scrunch in a dollop of the Noodle Head Curling Cream.

I typically avoid using heat when wearing my hair naturally, because I feel like my hair gets frizzier and obviously the heat is somewhat damaging. However, on the rare occasion that I need a little blow dryer boost to dry my hair, I use a diffuser. I also, I only use a wide tooth comb when untangling my hair, it prevents extra damage to your curls.

Those are really all my basic tips! Any girl with curly hair knows that having good curls is one half finding the right products and the second half luck! People always ask how I style my hair when it’s curled and the truth is I use all the products mentioned in this post and then I saw prayer. I never part my hair while it’s curly, I let it decide which way it wants to go.

If you have any secrets to for caring for curls or know of any fabulous curly hair products, please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.


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