Budget Friendly Easter Dresses


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Easter always calls for a new dress! Every year as a child my Grandfather would send me money for a new “Easter bonnet.” Even when I was a teenager he wound send bonnet money and my mom and I would laugh at the adorably sweet gesture. Every year around Easter I think of him and his bonnet money. I honor of that memory I take to the stores to find a cute new dress for the special occasion.

This year I started my Easter dress shopping online. While checking out Nordstrom’s website, I came across so many cute and affordable Spring dresses that I needed to share them with you guys!

For me, Easter style is all about pastel colors and feminine, sweet details. Ruffles are so sweet and super on-trend for this Spring. Most of my picks include a ruffle one way or another! Also, I’ve been loving pastel lavender and lilac lately, so I’m really drawn to dress 1, but I also really love the blush color and halter neckline of dress 3 (hmm decision decisions). I think a fitted denim jacket, a pair of neutral strappy bock heels, and a pretty scalloped edge tote would complete any of these dresses to give you not only a fool-proof Easter outfit, but also a staple Spring ensamble!

This Easter we will be following a long standing tradition. Ever since I was a little girl we did Church in morning and then my Mother, Brother, and I would all cook a big breakfast together in the kitchen. I was always in charge of the pancakes, a responsibility I still take very seriously! We continue to do this every year, only the family has gotten bigger, there are more cooks in the kitchen, breakfast dishes have been upgraded, and best of all we have tiny little babies to put together Easter egg hunts for.

I hope you all have something fun planned for the holiday and will be enjoying wonderful company!


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